Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Text is Everywhere, even at the CTIA 2010 Wireless Conference

In keeping with the theme of mobility, I had the opportunity to attend the CTIA 2010 Wireless conference last week in Las Vegas with my employer Open Text. We were there to talk about our latest offering, Open Text Everywhere. We were showcasing our offering in RIM's Blackberry booth as a RIM partner. It was a great conference and I was able to see a lot of exciting new things in this space. While the conference was very consumer focused ,there was definitely a lot of talk in the keynotes and sessions about how mobility in the Enterprise space will help revolutionize the way we work.

I took some time out from the expo floor to interview our Mobility Product Manager, Rohit Gupta, to obtain some more details around our new offering and our mobile strategy.


  1. CTIA was a great event, its exciting to see how mobility is becoming a central tool for business continuity. Although, consumer apps and trends were still the talk at this conference, enterprise applications are definitely on the forefront over the next couple of years.

    Enterprise mobility is on the cusp of breaking out and really changing the way mobility is used for businesses to provide themselves and their customers distinct customer advantage.

  2. I'm so glad to see OT getting more and more facetime in the WWW & I wish I could hear Rohit better in this video...

  3. Hi Keaaa, yes apologies for the sound. It was really loud on the show floor and I filmed this with a Flip. Thanks for viewing though!