Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Social Media "ah-ha" Moments for 2009

As the year quickly comes to a close I start to think about all of the big moments that I will remember from this year. There were so many, and this video using Google Wave does a great job of taking us through those moments.

In my mind, social media played a big role in many of these big moments. Even in my own view of the world of social media I saw a lot of change and shifts of how I used this medium throughout the year. For example, I began to see the true value that came from connecting a voice to a brand through the use of social media. I began to see the power of co-creation and innovation by reaching out and connecting with like minded people and talking with subject matter experts through social media channels.

I had two "ah-ha" moments this year (a phrase I borrow from a former co-worker and friend). One happened during a dining experience where I tasted an amazing wine that I wanted to purchase, but was unable to locate in the retail market. I reached out through my social media channels and within two minutes I had an email from the wine producer and a phone call from the local distributor and was making arrangements for a delivery of the wine to my door before the meal was complete. My second moment happened after I posted a complaint about a certain brand of photo development services and within 4 minutes I had an email from the brand manager to help resolve my issue.

What these "ah-ha" moments made me realize is that there is great power in not only connecting and conversing with others through social media, but there is an even greater power to discover in the exercise of listening through social media.

Are you listening?

Happy Holidays and a Safe and Healthy New Year!

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